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Below is the latest 432 Hz album FREE in FULL on YouTube!! You can skip between tracks by pressing the "next button" or going directly to the YouTube page.

432hz Reggae Music by Lion-I

below: previous releases (in 440hz)

The Chant by Lion-I album cover
New Root Race by Lion-I album cover

Lion-I is a Hawaii based conscious Roots Reggae, Rock, Dub, fusion music group consisting of Robert Linogon on bass and back up harmony vocals, Grant Sato on drums, and Pasha Yushin on guitar and lead vocals. Lion-I performs live music and records in 432 Hz frequency. Lion-I is based in Honolulu, Hawaii spreading a conscious message, good vibes, and original songs.

The meaning behind Lion-I is being the master of your own destiny, having determination to reach your dreams, and following your life’s calling. Lion-I is wordplay on the Rasta concept of “I and I" (instead of "you and I). It’s a philosophy of human equality and elevated collective consciousness.

Through unique lyrics, music, and art Lion-I promotes consciousness and inspiration, while aiming to elevate and expand collective consciousness and positivity.

JULY 10, 2013 Lion-I re-releases original Reggae songs on the latest album titled "432Hz Reggae Music" available in full on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, etc! 432Hz frequency is the healing, Third Eye Chakra opening, consciousness expanding, DNA synthesis activating Natural Frequency.

Lion-I IS currently available for live performances.

For booking please email:

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